We’re Tim and Julie Turner, and we started Flying Rowan Farm about 4 years ago – combining our love of animals and the outdoors and a taste for adventure.  At FRF, we’re grounded in the belief that every community needs access to a network of local, small-batch producers of sustainable agricultural products.  The future of our food supply depends on it.  We’re proud to provide pasture-raised meats, eggs and occasionally some fresh produce from our farm in Fowlerville, MI.  When the season begins to wind down, it’s a great joy to pull out the old recipes that sustained us through the holidays, and to share them with you at this special event. We’ll have festive boxes of hand-made holiday cookies, some savory snacks, and caramels made from the honey produced on our farm!

About Our Farm


We started the adventure with chickens so we could have eggs and meat.

Elvis rules the roost as the king of the coop.


Three Nigerian dwarf goats: Diva a pregnant doe, Minuet a yearling doe, and her twin brother Motet who is now a weather.