Sponsor a Fleece

Fleece Sponsorship @ FLYING ROWAN FARM

Do you want a beautiful, clean fleece next year from our Michigan flock?

How about first dibs on that ‘special’ fleece?

What if you could ensure your chosen fleece will be free of hay & chaff?

Would you like to directly contribute to the quality of our wool?

pay it forward now and sponsor a fleece!

What it costs…

Fleece sponsorship costs $150 per fleece which will be applied towards your future purchase

How it works …

Let us know the names of the sheep you’d like to sponsor.  we’ll do the rest!


Review the attached list of the sheep that produce the finest wool in our flock, plus the lambs expected to have the softest hogget fleeces.  We wouldn’t sell you sub-par wool, and we won’t ask you to sponsor it!

Once we receive your request, we will bill you (venmo or paypal) for your sponsorship.  Payment is due by 4/30/2024.

With the up-front money, we will order coats for sponsored sheep, cover the sheep, and change coats as sheep outgrow them.  Adult sheep are expected to grow through about 4 sizes of coats!

Next year, upon shearing, you get first choice to purchase your sponsored fleece(s) and any other available fleeces.  You will receive full sponsorship value towards the purchase of 2025 fleeces at 2025 pricing


Sponsor two fleeces (True and Ruby).

Cost of sponsorship = $300.

In 2025, after shearing:

  • Assume clean, coated fleeces from True and Ruby are 4 and 5 pounds, each
  • Assume 2025 pricing for coated fleece is $35/pound, True and Ruby’s fleeces would cost $140 and $175, respectively, totaling $315.
  • Assume you want both fleeces (and, of course you do!!)

You would pay the balance of only $15! ($315 cost of fleece minus $300 sponsorship)

You would receive two prime Flying Rowan fleeces that have been coated for the entire season.

Adult Fleeces
True, our foundation ramFinnsheepVery white-whiteLarge fleece with a long staple and a soft, pillowy hand.
Cobalt,  our second ramNorth Country CheviotWhiteDense fleece with moderate, consistent crimp
GretaNorth Country Cheviot CrossCreamy IvoryA smaller fleece, by weight.  Lovely crimp with a consistent staple and lock structure.  The finest of our foundation ewes.
RubyFinnsheep/Romney CrossDarkest brown, fades towards goldenLarge fleece with gorgeous curly locks, very springy, lofty wool with a deep brown hue, tending towards black. I expect less fading from a coated fleece
MonaFinnsheep/Gotland CrossSilvering black fleeceLong lustrous staple that oozes luxury.  One of our largest fleeces, by weight because wool is quality throughout.  No kemp to skirt out of this fleece!
Grace (Alias), Glinda (the good witch), Gillian (Welch) and Gaye (Marvin) True/Greta crossFinnsheep/Cheviot CrossWhite to Ivory4 adult fleeces available.    Lucky for you, our most lovely Cheviot ewe is also a prolific breeder!   Offspring from Greta and True have consistently produced the most beautiful, crimpy, soft, desirable fleeces
2025 Hogget Fleeces from 2024 Lambs 
True/GretaFinnsheep/Cheviot CrossWhiteExpected to be consistent with other offspring from this pairing
True/GretaFinnsheep/Cheviot CrossBlack w/ white bellyBlack offspring was an unexpected surprise from this white-on-white pairing.  Expecting a soft fleece with consistent crimp and lock structure from her parentage
True/RubyFinnsheep-to-Finn/Romney CrossBlackest black3 lamb fleeces available.  All indications suggest curly, springy locks with the softness only a lamb’s fleece can render
True/MonaFinnsheep-to-Finn/Gotland CrossBlack, with slight silvering2 lamb fleeces available.  1st-year Gotland fleece is always black.  These are boys, so they’re destined for the market.  A one-time offering, promising to be special.